Bible Study or Creed Rehearsal?

Bible Study or Creed Rehearsal?

Do teachers and others get nervous and try to curtail discussion when certain questions are asked in Bible classes? If so, reflect what may be on the sign out front of your building. Does it advertise ‘Bible Study’ or ‘Creed Rehearsal’?”

— Sam Dawson, Fellowship: With God and His People

Churches of Christ spans the spectrum from legalistic to progressive and everything in between. People in Churches of Christ that embrace a correct biblical view of grace often have no idea of the heavy handed tactics used in tradition bound, ultra-conservative Church of Christ congregations. Not all Churches of Christ are legalistic so the need for the articles on this website may seem out of place to those who have had no experience in dealing with such matters. If this all seems foreign to you then count your blessings, because unfortunately, there are far too many people who can recognize the necessity of dealing with these issues.

In these graceless Church of Christ congregations, those who offer ideas about scriptural topics that are contrary to “sound doctrine” run the risk of being labeled as “false teachers”. Out of fear of rejection or outright abuse, people learn to be silent or extremely selective with whom they reveal their Biblical insights. The free exchange of ideas is thus stifled and squashed. So, lets stop pretending to study the Bible when we meet together and call it what it really is: Creed Rehearsal.

The purpose of this website is to challenge legalistic dogma and encourage Christians to do their thinking for themselves, guided by the Word of God.