Why This Website?

Never Ending Splits

During the early days of the Restoration Movement, history tells us that people from different religious backgrounds came together with a common goal: to abandon denominational thinking and teaching and to practice Christianity as it was in the 1st century. They came to understand that the Bible teaches that one becomes a child of God by having faith in Him and His Son Jesus, by repenting of one’s sins, and being immersed in water for the remission of one’s sins. In spite of many contradictory opinions and beliefs, these brothers and sisters in Christ were able to maintain unity with one another. Apparently, they were able to study together and be patient with one another as they worked together to throw off the ideas and traditions of men and cling only to the truths of the Scriptures.

Sadly, the movement that was started to call people away from sectarianism has resulted in what is probably the most splintered and fractured religious group in the world today. When did this movement go wrong? The movement strayed from its roots when opinions and matters of judgement began to take equal footing with the Holy Scriptures. When someone decided that we all have to believe exactly the same in order to worship together the movement took a wrong turn. When someone took the place of God and decided that others were not their brother or sister because they hold a different belief, we adopted the very sectarian notions that we preached against.

The original goals of the Restoration Movement were noble and worthy of pursuit.  Sadly, many Restoration Movement congregations have become exactly what the founders of the movement were striving to eliminate.  Somehow, while trying to eliminate division, man made creeds and doctrines, we have ended up creating brand new divisions, unwritten creeds,  and burdensome doctrines. We need to wake up and realize that we are far from achieving the goal of purging all man made ideas and traditions and return to the original motivations and attitudes of the early Restoration Movement.

With these things in mind, the purpose of this website is to call attention to the attitudes and wrong headed notions that continue to splinter and divide Christians.

In keeping with The Dorean Principle, all content on this website (except quotes or images from copyrighted works) is public domain.